Small Cell

Progressive Communications installs small cells to boost and extend cellular coverage for organizations, businesses, facilities, and venues. In a small cell system, cell nodes work separately with its own power supply, with all antennas connecting to a single remote to function as a solitary unit. Since it requires far less equipment installation, small cell systems are ideal for smaller spaces.

Our Small Cell Capabilities

Small cell systems can supplement a wireless carrier’s network co-existing with other cellular carrier and Wi-Fi networks. These systems can also operate independently as a space’s coverage. Progressive offers indoor and outdoor small cell systems to enhance wireless connection.

Small cells can be seamlessly implemented into an existing environment because of their small size and no need for a technology deployment framework. As a single-band wireless solution, small cell frameworks are minimal and take less time to install, so downtime, if any, is limited.

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Small Cell Benefits for Your Organization

Small cells are designed for scalability, no matter how demanding the needs for cellular coverage for an organization, business, facility, or venue. Progressive Communications’ team of installation engineers have the experience and skills to locate areas with intermittent connectivity and install the appropriate amount of small cell nodes for optimal cellular connectivity.

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