Wireless Solutions

Progressive Communications understands today’s business world revolves around the ability to communicate efficiently and effectively. We offer wireless solutions to maintain reliable and connected communications no matter the complexity of the project or the organization, business, facility, or venue.

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    Distributed Antenna Systems (DAS) are designed and implemented to improve cellular coverage and support all wireless carriers with a neutral-host design. Utilizing a DAS omits a lack of wireless connectivity in high-volume areas or structures built with dense material. Progressive validates these designs and installs indoor and outdoor DAS with all signals deployed from a single-technology framework. All while meeting local, state, and federal guidelines.

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    Small Cell

    Small cell systems supplement a wireless carrier’s network and can operate as the source for a DAS. Progressive offers indoor and outdoor small cell systems to enhance wireless connections. Small cells can be seamlessly implemented into an existing environment because of their small size. As a single-carrier wireless solution, small cell frameworks are minimal and take less time to install, giving your organization reduced downtime if any.

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    Private LTE/CBRS

    A private LTE network uses the Citizens Broadband Radio Service (CBRS) band to create a network unique to the organization, business, facility, or venue. Instead of depending on commercial wireless carriers for connectivity, Progressive installs the private LTE network using CBRS to ensure connectivity as well as in-network application uses specific to the end-user.

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    When cellular LTE connectivity is not ideal, Wi-Fi acts as the deployment for wirelessly connecting users to the Internet and each other. Progressive Communications offers Wi-Fi solutions to mitigate intermitted wireless connections. The Wi-Fi network is easy to access for those permitted and is secure in storing information via a Cloud-based platform, allowing densely populated areas to receive reliability and efficiency.

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    Public Safety

    Any organization, business, facility, or venue needs to have a public safety communications system in place. With flexible deployment options, wireless communication between first responders and security personnel always remains secure, especially in the event of an emergency. Progressive Communications validates designs and installs a DAS or private LTE network that can stand alone or supplement a Wi-Fi system to enhance two-way public safety communication that is compliant with local and federal codes. These systems ensure optimum communication for first responders.

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