Staffing Solutions

Progressive Communications provides end-to-end solutions to ensure your enterprise operates seamlessly among departments and multiple locations. The team is made up of over 400 employees, including 200 certified engineers and a team fluent in multiple languages.

Our Staffing Solution Qualifications

Our staff is among the most highly skilled, credentialed, and experienced in the technology services industry. We understand that when you contract our team to provide surveys, project management, device and equipment installation and training, we are representing your company. This is a responsibility that we take seriously. Our team is caring and compassionate with excellent customer interaction skills in addition to their technical expertise. Our average staff tenure is 7.5 years and all of our staff are W-2 employees, located nationwide to service rural and urban markets.

Going beyond installation and training, our engineers offer supplemental support for your IT department and operational support to personnel in need. Our full-service solutions allow you to focus on revenue-driving strategies instead of worrying about adequate staffing.

Industry Applications

Many industries benefit from utilizing our technology staffing solutions, including:

  • Entertainment

  • Healthcare
  • Municipalities
  • Technology

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