Network Engineering

Your organization’s network transports all your data, and it allows you to communicate via the Internet, phone, or video. Progressive Communications is experienced in verifying and engineering network infrastructure for enterprise-level organizations. Our team takes the time to understand your organization’s specific network needs, and we make sure the design is validated to boost your organization’s productivity.

How We Serve Your Organization

Site Surveys & Consultation

Our experienced engineers conduct RF, cellular and heat map surveys. We will ensure our team fully understands your organizations’ network pain points and the solutions you need. We will verify the design to provide a robust network to support your technology.

Network Engineering

Progressive Communication’s engineers boast the highest networking certifications in the industry. We will review and consult to validate the design and usage for your organization.

Infographic of building blueprint outline

Wide Area Network (WAN) Solutions

Your WAN connects multiple buildings to a network through fiber optic cables. This solution makes it easy for multiple locations to communicate across large geographic areas. The team at Progressive will verify designs and install a WAN according to your organization’s specific technology needs. We also provide optimization services to improve your existing WAN and boost your current bandwidth. Progressive delivers services in rural and urban markets, expanding connectivity for today and the future.

Local Area Network (LAN) Solutions

An organization’s LAN provides Internet, video, and voice connectivity within one building or campus.  Progressive’s certified and experienced network engineers will verify designs and install an optimized LAN to fit your organization’s communication, bandwidth, and technology demands.

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