Cybersecurity Solutions

Whether your data is stored on-premises in a server room or fully hosted on a cloud-based server, data traveling from wireless device to device and being sent to cloud storage needs to be secure.

Progressive Communications provides varying levels of cybersecurity solutions that can be seamlessly integrated into your IT operations. Our IT professionals work to not only protect your business data, but to detect and contain malicious activity that could intrude on your IT environment. Cyber attacks cost time and money that could have been spent on revenue-boosting enterprise enhancement strategies.

How Progressive Protects Data

Define Data Boundaries

With the rise of cloud computing, setting boundaries for your data beyond the local level is more important than ever. Our engineers will set boundaries in your computing infrastructure to protect data being transferred from your enterprise’s local system to a third-party cloud server. We can also provide our Cloud Workspace platform to securely host your data.

Characterize Software Environment

Our first security measure is gaining a comprehensive view of all aspects of your enterprise’s software environment, including the full list of all software and policies. From there, we will remove unused software from your system and ensure all software is up to date and used efficiently. For enterprises with multiple locations or remote system access, we ensure outside software systems and applications do not gain access to the software.

Harden Network Assets

To harden access to your network, all hardware devices and software platforms that need access to your network must be restricted from potential interference or unauthorized access. Each device and platform are analyzed in terms of strength and vulnerability. If a device or software could potentially be compromised, we will either remove it from your system or fix the issue immediately.

Assess Susceptibility & Implement Remediation Strategy

For optimal security, all potential risks must be assessed and a strategy out in place if the issue ever arises. It is best to stay ahead of network issues so your enterprise doesn’t experience downtime. With our Network Operations Center, our technology professionals offer proactive network support and remediation strategies if a network issue ever arises.

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