Warehousing & Logistics

Progressive Communications’ warehousing and logistics solutions work together to ensure proper supply chain management. Our warehouses offer a central, single location for receiving, storing, and distributing cabling, hardware, devices, and equipment. Located in Georgia and Texas near international airports provides availability to overnight shipping and receiving.

Our warehouses are certified by the International Organization for Standardization. Progressive Healthcare Solutions is audited and certified in the following standards: ISO 9001;2015 and ISO 13485; FDA 2016 21 CFR820, ISO 14971:2019. ISO Standards assures better business, better regulation better services with proven processes in place, our operations are efficient. Your items will be monitored and securely stored. The Progressive Communications warehousing and logistics personnel are trained, certified, and experienced in handling enterprise-level supply chain management.

State-of-the-Art Facility

Progressive Communications boasts an expansive warehouse capable of securely storing your hardware, devices, and equipment. Our facility is temperature-controlled, and security monitored and offers optimal conditions for storing to preserve the lifespan and overall health of your assets.

Streamlined Logistics

By utilizing our warehousing solution to store your assets, we can also manage the logistics of getting your items where they need to go in a timely manner. Versed in emergency response, Progressive Communications warehouse locations and process can deliver to most locations overnight.

By streamlining your warehousing and logistics solutions, you and your team are freed up to focus on bigger picture strategies for enhancing your enterprise. Our unique approach and creative expertise allow our team to deploy these innovative solutions to solve modern-day business challenges.

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