Public Safety Communications Solutions

Enterprises need to have a secure and reliable public safety communication system in place. With flexible deployment options, wireless communication between first responders and security personnel always remains secure, especially in the event of an emergency when connectivity is vital.

Progressive Communications validates designs and installs a DAS or private LTE network that can stand alone or supplement a Wi-Fi system to enhance two-way public safety communication that is compliant with local and federal codes.

Systems Designed for Your Facility

A building’s structure greatly affects the ability of a wireless connection. Progressive Communications validates designs for a system that considers all aspects of the end-use and optimizes the network so that first responders, security personnel, or others reacting can maintain communication and merge their efforts more effectively.

Code Compliant Public Safety Communication

Strict requirements are set forth by the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) and International Fire Code (IFC) in terms of:

  • System coverage
  • Signal strength
  • Power source
  • Frequency updates
  • Antenna isolation

Progressive Communication’s engineers and installers are proficient in the codes and requirements and work with local jurisdictions to ensure the network is up-to-code before installation begins. Maintaining compliance ensures those responding to an emergency have optimal network connectivity to adequately and quickly handle any threat to public safety.

DAS & Private LTE Network Solutions

Progressive Communications installs Distributed Antenna Systems (DAS) and private LTE network to enhance public safety communication based on your needs. DAS boosts network connectivity deployed from the wireless carrier while private LTE networks are created solely for public safety professional access. High-traffic enterprises can benefit from utilizing a private LTE network to ensure that only those authorized to join, such as first responders and other security personnel, have secure and timely access for optimal communication.

Infographic of building on fire and emergency response

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