Private LTE/CBRS

A private LTE network uses the Citizens Broadband Radio Service (CBRS) band to create a network unique to the organization, business, facility, or venue. Instead of depending on commercial wireless carriers for connectivity, Progressive installs the private LTE network using CBRS to ensure connectivity as well as in-network application use specific to the end-user. Private LTE networks support every wireless carrier for maximum connectivity and capacity.

How Private LTE/CBRS Can Benefit Your Organization

Private LTE networks operate with the same security, mobility, accessibility, and compatibility with most devices as major carriers, most of the time proving to be more efficient. Private LTE/CBRS systems can be implemented in various ways to meet your enterprise’s cellular network needs.

Private LTE/CBRS’s can use small cells as a source for a signal to relay to an installed DAS. It will then connect the CBRS to the carriers’ DAS-transmitted signal or Wi-Fi network. In addition, Private LTE/CBRS systems can operate alone, comparable to Wi-Fi networks, using access points as the source for optimal coverage.

Infographic of wireless devices connected to building

Applications for Enterprise Organizations

Enterprises use this service for:

Progressive Communications makes implementing a private LTE network seamless, providing easy access to the network for authorized users and network management, so hackers are caught before they infiltrate your network and cause damage.

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