Connection to the Internet is vital to organizations, businesses, facilities, and venues’ daily operations and productivity. When cellular LTE connectivity is not ideal, Wi-Fi acts as the deployment for wirelessly connecting users to the Internet and each other.

Optimal coverage comes with a price when utilizing carrier packages and network support is seemingly nonexistent. Progressive Communications offers Wi-Fi solutions to mitigate intermitted wireless connections. We assist with designing Wi-Fi networks that are easy to access for those permitted. We ensure networks are securely in storing information via a Cloud-based platform, so more densely populated areas receive the same reliability and efficiency.

What Progressive Serves Enterprise Organizations

Progressive Communications proactively solves problems on networks and ensures the bandwidth is being used at full operating potential. This keeps Wi-Fi running smoothly, reliably, and efficiently. Our managed Wi-Fi offers a warranty on all equipment, and the Network Operations Center (NOC) team delivers optimum service levels for your organization.

Our team makes recommendations on wireless configurations to provide optimal performance that matches demand so that your organization, business, facility, or venue’s Wi-Fi connection remains updated and functioning properly.

Infographic of workers on desks using wireless devices

Property or structures can sometimes cause an obstruction in network connectivity. Our managed Wi-Fi solutions are heat mapped and surveyed for all aspects of the space to create a powerful and reliable network solution that is built for future scalability while maintaining a strong connection to the network.

Managed Wi-Fi services Include:

  • Cloud-based management for optimal performance and problem resolution
  • Secure, reliable, and efficient wireless access for users and guests
  • Layer 7 Control for optimal application visibility and performance enhancement
  • Scalable to thousands of users and devices
  • Powerful and intuitive management without the complexity of traditional wireless solutions
  • Simple and customizable guest management
  • Monitoring alerts to continually protect your private network and confidential data.

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