Network Testing & Follow-Up

Enterprise organizations rely on high-quality networks to secure business communications. An unreliable or unmonitored network can result in unplanned downtime and reduced business productivity. At Progressive Communications, we not only verify and install high-quality networks and equipment for enterprise companies, but we also monitor the network to ensure it is performing as it should.

WAN and LAN Optimization Testing

Our WAN and LAN are installed with built-in intelligence to allow for constant monitoring to detect potential network issues. In addition to this built-in testing, our experienced engineers consistently monitor and test your network performance.

Through our testing services, we will evaluate your network’s:

  • Bandwidth efficiency
  • Download and distribution performance
  • Traffic prioritization efficiency
Infographic of laptop network with locks

Proven Excellence in Network Testing

Progressive Communications has a team of engineers with the highest networking certifications in the industry. Our goal is to boost your revenue and productivity by ensuring your network is fully operational. With our high-quality equipment and constant network monitoring, you can trust Progressive Communications to keep your network operating at peak performance.

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