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Here are the three big LTC trends according to Susan Eckert of Harmony Senior Services in Virginia.

1. People are much older when becoming residents

Typical age for an arriving Assisted Living resident is 87 or 88. For an Independent Living resident that age is 83.


2. Number of resident couples is increasing

Upwards of 15-25% of residents are couples – up from 1-2% in the past.


3. Baby Boomers have new demands – Dining and Technology

Residents want flexibility in dining and that means different venues.  Technology is also becoming a key part of life at Senior Living communities.

senior-living-dining-trend     senior-living-tech-trend
“In regard to technology, I want to be able to provide two things: One is to be able to give every IL resident an iPad when they come in. To do that, I have to have Wi-Fi, so I’m now trying to put Wi-Fi in all of my buildings. We’re also doing Internet cafes so people have a place to go and sit at a table and work on a laptop. They’re eager to learn.”

Read more on page 10 of the Fall 2014 issue of Environments For Aging.

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