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“Nutanix means we don’t have to charge for a week of integration services by multiple specialists. It’s a great solution from a project management standpoint”

                      –  Chris Minton, Progressive Communications

Progressive Communications is a networking solutions provider headquartered in Atlanta, and serving markets across the U.S. and Latin America. Chris Minton was the first Progressive Communications employee to come across Nutanix.

“I was a networking engineer at the time,” Chris said, I fell in love after the first install. I didn’t want to even offer any other infrastructure platform from that point on. Nutanix is simple, scalable and provides incredible performance. We can start implementing a new virtualization project on day one. We don’t have to wait a week to get the servers and storage installed and running together”.

One of the big benefits that the solutions provider has found with Nutanix is that they are now able to offer clients a more cost-effective solution than when utilizing legacy architecture.

“With Nutanix, we don’t have to charge our customers for a week of services bringing in separate server and storage experts,” said Chris. “This also makes Nutanix great from a project management perspective.”

Progressive Communications has particularly found Nutanix to be instrumental in its VDI opportunities. Progressive works with a lot of K-12 schools where Nutanix and VDI is a perfect fit both because of the simplicity and the ability to scale as budget becomes available.

Nutanix’s renowned support is another important attribute to Progressive. “Nutanix has been extremely supportive in every engagement that we’ve had,” said Chris.”They are there to see their partners succeed and we greatly appreciate that.”

Progressive commonly provides on-going service agreements for its customers to maintain their infrastructures. The company has found that the simplicity and resiliency of Nutanix makes their customer environments much easier to support.

“Progressive Communications has a reputation for providing the highest quality technology solutions available,” said CEO and founder, Mark Hurt. “Nutanix is becoming an increasingly important part of our offering”.